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Omniscien Technologies Network Abuse and Notice Policy This Abuse and Notice Policy forms part of Asia Online’s Network Terms of Use. Defined terms in this Abuse and Notice Policy have the same meanings as in the Terms of Use. You must not use the Network to engage in any Prohibited Behaviour as that term is defined in clause 8 of the Terms of Use.  Asia Online has no tolerance whatsoever for abuse of any kind. Your access to and use of the Network is conditional upon your acceptance of and compliance with this Abuse and Notice Policy. Reporting Abuse on the Network If you have experienced or witnessed abusive behaviour on the Network, Asia Online urges you to report it immediately. In order to report a violation of Asia Online’s Abuse and Notice Policy or any other infringing activity on the Network, please send a notice containing the following information to
  • Identify the alleged abusive behaviour by describing it in reasonable detail.
  • Provide the relevant URL where the abuse occurred on the Network, where you saw it and/or how you became aware of it.
  • State who was abused and provide their contact details (if you can).
  • State who was acting abusively and provide their contact details (if you can).
  • Provide your contact details including your name, your Registered Organisation’s name (if applicable), your address, your e-mail address, a contact telephone number.
  • State the following in your e-mail: “Under penalty of perjury, my notice is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, and I am sending it in good faith.”
Upon receipt of your notice by Asia Online, you will be contacted with further instructions. Registered Users of the Private Network or the Language Studio SaaS Portal should also follow their Registered Organisation’s policy regarding the reporting of abuse in addition to the requirements above in this Abuse and Notice Policy. Asia Online does not approve of or condone the use of the Network for any unlawful, immoral, dangerous or harmful purposes whatsoever.  Asia Online strongly encourages Users to report all forms of abuse on or via the Network to their Client Organisation and to Asia Online.  Version Reference: aos-gb1a_v2 – 20160724